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ALERTSone is a service that provides crucial trade alerts for all three of the major markets: Forex, Cryptocurrency, and the Stock Market.

With ALERTSone, it’s your call! You choose which channels you want to follow, then the alerts are delivered right to your fingertips. You get the information, you maintain control of your money, and you choose whether or not you want to participate. ALERTSone keeps it simple and includes all of the alerts for all of our different strategies in one place.





WALLETpro is a private multi-currency account where you can buy, sell, transfer and spend cryptocurrency. WALLETpro bridges the gap between legacy FX, Futures, Stocks, and Banking to make cryptocurrency available to the masses.

WALLETpro customers get access to ZoomMe, a simple, instant, and FREE way to send and receive cash and crypto across the globe. With WALLETpro you can instantly convert and transfer money from your account to your global VISA debit card and spend your fiat and crypto balances at over 53 Million Merchants. Your crypto is secured and insured at multiple institutional qualified custodians.


TRAVELpro is an exclusive travel portal that passes wholesale rates directly to Kuvera members. Save up to 65% off more than one million properties worldwide - and that’s just for hotels!

You’ll also be able to save on flights, cruises, car rentals, and vacation rentals. We have the same hotel aggregators as those well known sites, so you aren’t sacrificing quality for price. For those looking to gain financial control of their lives and spend more time exploring the world, we’ve included this exclusive travel portal to help you on your way!


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